Monday, December 12, 2011


V1 - My footprints left a shadow. These shoes will never be the same
        The front door left wide open. My past is on the wall like pictures in a frame.

         We all know its common conception, i've been collecting thoughts
         You said so, you've been forming opinions. reality tips and toes

Ch - Don't say that im not ever good enough. This town is a ghost after 10 o'clock
         I'm leaving would you wish me well
         Im walking away im not coming back don't tell me to stay right where im at
         You're jaded. Ill make it. Watch as I take my getaway

V2 - Hearts racing you're keeping quiet, just waiting for this to fade away
        Im sorry but im leaving. Complacency is dead I think its time for change.

         We both know its a conscious decision we'll take this in ourselves
         You said so, use your head and think through it or you'll regret it down the


        Just so you know, before i go I should say I love you so
        The miles apart will press against this heavy heart
        Just know each path I take will bring me back someday.    

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  1. Hi guys, stumbled here from google...glad i did.
    Some great lyrics.